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GESI is consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations develop their most important resource, its people. We specialize in guiding business leaders through the personal and organizational transformation process. Whether we're coaching a senior executive, working to help build a high performance team, or transforming a company into a vision-guided, values-driven organization, our proven approaches improve your company's performance and help to unleash the full potential of your people!

GESI works with companies that are faced with changing their "organizational mindsets" in order to become more competitive and successful in their marketplace. Whether you're a start-up company looking to grow while building a strong culture, an organization going through a merger & acquisition, or you're struggling to define what being an e-business company means, GESI consulting will help guide you through the chaos and complexity of the personal & organizational transformation process. Our solutions are focused on quick results that unleash the full potential of your people. Our dedication to guiding companies through the transformation process is reflected in the core solutions we offer. We are confident that our experience will enable the project team to make pragmatic decisions that optimize across these goals.

Our employees and consultants have delivered our core services with these representative clients to reach their objectives to streamline business processes, improve operations, reduce costs, and reach their goal of maximizing ROI:

Bank of America
Goldman Sachs
Credit Suisse
First Boston
City of Memphis
City of San Francisco
City of Dallas
City of Atlanta
New York City
Hilton Hotel
State Farm Insurance
Lucent Technology
Verizon Wireless
General Electric (GE)


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